Pool Maintenance Services

Your swimming pool is more than just a water feature – it’s a substantial investment. Safeguard its beauty and functionality with the exceptional pool maintenance packages offered by Blue Ocean Pool Service. Whether it’s a seasonal check-up or a more comprehensive maintenance endeavor, we have the expertise and tools required to keep your pool in its prime. Plus, by investing in professional pool maintenance, you’re effectively reducing the chances of facing major pool issues precisely when you’re eager to dive in.

Leave the Pool Work to Blue Ocean Pool Service

Many of our valued clients embarked on the DIY pool care journey, only to realize that their time could be better spent elsewhere. That’s where the professionals step in. With us, you can relish:

  • Budget-friendly rates
  • A blissful, worry-free pool experience that aligns with your schedule
  • Convenient appointments tailored to your convenience
  • A simple and streamlined quotation and signup process
  • Versatile pool maintenance packages to suit your needs
  • Heightened satisfaction and an amplified pool enjoyment quotient
  • Punctual and reliable service that you can count on

Pool Cleaning Services

Your pool is all about fun and relaxation, but with all that enjoyment, it’s natural for it to gather some dirt along the way. When you’re in need of a thorough pool cleaning service, look no further than Blue Ocean Pool Service. We’re here to give your pool the cleaning it deserves, so it can shine and sparkle once more.

Restoring Pool Beauty

At Blue Ocean Pool Service, our mission is simple: to bring back the beauty of your pool. No matter the shape or size, we’ve got the expertise to get it looking its best, ensuring your swimming sessions are a delight. We take pride in our attention to detail and affordable rates. Our commitment goes beyond meeting expectations – we aim to exceed them.

Comprehensive Weekly Services

  • Balancing water chemistry
  • Maintaining sanitizer levels
  • Preventing and addressing issues like combined chlorine and algae
  • Vacuuming to remove debris
  • Brushing for extended surface life and algae prevention
  • Emptying skimmer, pump, and cleaner baskets
  • Monitoring and backwashing the filtration system
  • Checking equipment and communicating any repair needs
  • Easy access to a customer web portal for service details, invoices, and online payments

Serving the Greater Austin Area

Our services extend with pride throughout the Greater Austin Area, covering Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill, and North Austin.

Trust Blue Ocean Pool Service to transform your pool into a pristine paradise. We’re dedicated to more than just cleaning – we’re elevating your pool experience.