Dive into a World of Pool Design Inspiration

Are you yearning for innovative backyard pool design ideas? Embark on a journey with Blue Ocean Pool Service.

With shapes and sizes tailored to diverse lifestyles and design preferences, these images serve as a wellspring of inspiration for your personal backyard oasis. Elevate your pool experience with an array of features and amenities – from natural stone to vibrant pool plaster colors, mesmerizing fire and water elements, and more. Our adept designers have the expertise to orchestrate a symphony of elements, crafting your new Blue Ocean Backyard into a true sanctuary.

New Pool Construction

As leaders in pool design and construction, our focus is on creating stunning new pools tailored to your vision. From compact backyard oases to expansive aquatic marvels, our skilled team is ready to bring your dream pool to life.

Revitalize with Masterful Renovations

Witness your backyard’s rebirth in the capable hands of Blue Ocean Pool Service. As a leader in pool design and renovation, our prowess extends to crafting custom swimming pool refurbishments and transformations. From compact backyard pools to expansive aquaparks, our team is equipped to breathe new life into every project, regardless of scale.

Take the Plunge – Rediscover Your Pool

Whether you seek to rejuvenate an aging inground pool, banish stains, replace missing tiles, or renew weathered decking, we have you covered. Our pool renovation and remodeling specialists excel in restoring your pool’s glory, even if we weren’t its original creators.

Pool Resurfacing for a Fresh Facelift

When it’s time for a transformation, trust the experts at Blue Ocean Pool Service for pool resurfacing. Whether opting for the affordability of plaster or the enduring elegance of aggregate finishes, our seasoned team is primed to revitalize your pool’s appearance and performance. Say goodbye to worn surfaces and embrace a renewed aquatic haven.

Coping and Decking Revival

From enhancing your pool’s coping and decking to upgrading tiles and water treatment systems, Blue Ocean Pool Service is your partner in transformation. Pool coping, with options like brick, stone, and concrete, serves both practical and aesthetic functions. Likewise, our pool decking solutions, including poured concrete decks and enhanced alternatives, elevate your pool’s surroundings.

Elevate with Enchanting Water Features

Give your Austin pool a striking makeover with bespoke water features from Blue Ocean Pool Service:

  • Jets: Soar to new heights with majestic pool jets propelling streams of water into the sky.
  • Fountains: Transform your pool’s heart with a central fountain, captivating as it dances with multiple water streams.
  • Waterfalls: Immerse yourself in luxury with various waterfall options that grace your pool with nature’s beauty.
  • Water Curtains: Delight in sheer descent waterfalls, known as water curtains, as water gracefully cascades over the pool’s edge.
  • Rock Waterfalls: Embrace the allure of nature with rock waterfalls, where water cascades over artfully placed rocks at your pool’s perimeter.

Embark on the journey of renewing and reimagining your pool with Blue Ocean Pool Service. Experience the harmony of innovation and transformation that sets your pool apart.