New Pool Construction

New Pool Construction

At Blue Ocean Pool Service, we are are also your pool building experts!

We are uniquely equipped to turn your outdoor dreams into a reality. Our owner, Chris Short, spent years building pools; and now, with years of experience servicing pools, he is more equipped than any other builder to design and build your dream pool and backyard.

Our design and build process emphasizes ongoing maintenance and safety, ensuring enduring satisfaction, in addition to incredible design and aesthetics. Trust us to blend expertise and thoughtful design, delivering a pool that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Elevate your entire outdoor space with a beautiful new pool and let your dreams reach new nights with our custom hardscaping that pulls your vision into reality. Our craftsmanship and creativity extend to stylish patios, functional pergolas, and expertly designed outdoor kitchens. We’re here to help you with your new construction needs.

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